Dam Site

Lake Lapeer Dam Information

In 2002, the DEQ determined that the Lake Lapeer Dam did not meet the requirements of a 200-year storm event and the properties downstream could potentially flood.

John Cosens, Lapeer County Drain Commissioner, hired Spicer Engineering to develop a plan. The best solution was a new fixed crest weir made from Armorflex. That is a flexible interlocking matrix of concrete
blocks hooked together by cables.  Spaces allow vegetation to grow between the blocks.

The plan called for the removal of 60′ of embankment and placement of weir at 861.8 feet elevation. This gives the lake a fluctuation of up to 6″ before the water would flow over the weir during high water levels.  This also alleviated the high water problems during heavy rains.

The improved dam has successfully controlled the flow of water from the lake and the high water on some of the properties.

The boards are placed in the dam spillway on April 21 each year.  The lake level rises as water from the creeks, springs, and rain is retained.  The first board is removed from the dam on October 15 each year.  The board removal is completed by October 23.  The lower lake level allows property owners to maintain sea walls and shorelines.  The lower lake level also helps to prevent erosion over the winter.

The area within the fence at the Lake Lapeer Dam is Lake Lapeer Association property and is off limits to everyone.  No fishing is allowed at the dam site and anyone who enters that area is considered to be trespassing.

Visitwww.spicergroup.com or www.armortec.com for more