Lake Lapeer Lake Improvement Board

The Lake Lapeer Lake Improvement Board was formed in 2000 for the purpose of improving the water quality of Lake Lapeer.  The first project was to improve the lake by developing a comprehensive plan to control the weeds in the lake.  Previous to 2000, the Lake Lapeer Association was responsible for weeding the lake.  This was done by harvesting the weeds each June.  The cost was paid for by the Lake Lapeer Association Members.

After Lake Lapeer became the home to Eurasian Milfoil, harvesting was not as option, since it actually causes the Eurasian Milfoil to spread.  After consulting with environmentalists and limnologists, the Lake Board chose to control the weeds with chemical applications.  All lake residents are currently assessed for the cost of the chemical weeding.

PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. treats Lake Lapeer for weeds.  The first chemical weeding is usually applied in early June when the weeds first appear.

Please watch your shoreline for the posting of the 8 1/2 x 11 yellow or green signs.

If residents have weed treatment in front of their property, they should find the posting of the 8 1/2 yellow or green sign from PLM indicating that their area was treated.  The sign will indicate the date of the treatment and the products used. Any restrictions on the use of treated water for swimming, watering lawns, etc. will also be listed.

If they do not have a sign in their yard, there are no restrictions in their area.

Residents of Lake Lapeer have been investigating the possibility of dredging areas of Lake Lapeer that have filled in with silt over the last 40 years.  Information has been presented to Lake Lapeer residents at the last membership meetings.  Petitions are currently being circulated to provide information to residents and to determine approval of this project by the residents.  So far, about 70% of the residents have signed the petition to investigate the possibility of the dredging project.