LLA By-Laws

Lake Lapeer Association BY-LAWS


Sec.1. The name of this corporation is Lake Lapeer Association
(hereinafter referred to as the Association). This corporation is
organized under the provisions of Act 137, Public Acts of Michigan for
the year 1929, as amended.

Sec.2. Purpose: To provide a means whereby Lake Lapeer residents can
join together to accomplish common goals which are deemed to be
beneficial to its members and to protect its *members from
liability related to such joint action.


Sec.1. *Landowners within the below described boundaries may become
members of this Association by maintaining annual membership dues and
special assessments. Each landowner shall be entitled to one membership
and one vote.

Sec.2. The boundaries for membership in the Association are described on
Exhibit A (attached).

Sec.3. Members of the Association shall agree to follow the by-laws and
rules of the Association. Members shall furnish the Secretary with the
address to which notices are to be sent. Failure to do so shall be
deemed a waiver of notice.


Sec.1. The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in the county
of Lapeer, Michigan between June first and August thirty-first of
each year for the purpose of electing trustees and for the transaction
of other business as may be brought before the meeting. This meeting
shall hereinafter be referred to as the Annual Meeting. The time and
place shall be designated by the Board of Trustees.

Sec.2. Special meetings may be called by the President and Secretary, or
at the request of a majority of the trustees, or at the request in
writing by ten percent of the members of the Association.

Sec.3. Written notice of any membership meeting and its agenda shall be
mailed to each member at their last known address as it appears on the
records of the Association, at least ten days prior to any meeting.
Notice of a special meeting shall indicate the purpose of the meeting.

Sec.4. The President shall call meetings of the members to order and act
as chairperson unless otherwise determined by a majority vote of the
members present or by proxy. The Secretary shall act as secretary of
all meetings of the members. In the absence of the Secretary, or in the
event of his/her inability to act as secretary, the presiding officer
may appoint any person present to act as secretary.

Sec.5. At any meeting of the members, ten (10) percent of the membership
shall constitute a quorum. Meetings at which less than a quorum is
present shall be adjourned to a later date and written notice of the
adjourned meeting shall be sent to the membership.

Sec.6. Each paid membership shall be entitled to one vote. Any member
may vote by absentee ballot, in writing, filed with the Secretary, prior
to the meeting being called to order.

Sec.7. Motions requiring a vote at a meeting of the members are
restricted to items on the previously published agenda.

Sec.8. Issues not included on the agenda raised at any meeting of the
members that require a membership vote shall be accepted and assigned
as agenda items and acted upon at the next Annual Meeting. A majority of
the members present may require a proxy vote on a motion made
regarding an issue not on the agenda.

Sec.9. Meetings of the members and of the trustees shall be conducted in
accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, (except as stated in sections 7
and 8 above.)


Sec.1. The business and property of the Association shall be managed
and controlled by a Board of Trustees within the limitations
prescribed by Act 137. The trustees must be members in good standing
before taking office. The trustees’ terms of office sha11 be three (3)
years, except the Secretary and Treasurer, (see Article VI, Sec. 2)
The number of trustees shall be nine (9). If any trustee is absent
without excuse from two successive regularly called meetings of the
trustees, his/her office may be declared vacant by a majority vote of
the remaining trustees. If a vacancy occurs on the Board of Trustees,
the Board may elect a person to fill that vacancy until the next
Annual Meeting. A trustee shall be elected by the membership at the
Annual Meeting to fill the vacancy and serve the un-expired term.

Sec.2. Trustees may hold their meetings in such a place in Lapeer County
as a majority of the Board of Trustees may determine.

Sec.3. Meetings of the trustees may be called at any time by the
President or Secretary, or by a majority of the trustees. Trustees shall
be notified in writing of the time and place of all board meetings at
least three days prior thereto. Any trustee shall be deemed to have
waived such notice by his/her attendance at any meeting. Regular
meetings of the trustees shall be held monthly.

Sec.4, A majority of the Board of Trustees in office shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business. If at any meeting of the
trustees there be less than a quorum present, the meeting shall be

Sec.5. No trustee shall receive any salary or compensation for services
as trustee unless approved by the membership.



Sec.1. Formulate the rules of the Association for membership approval.

Sec.2. Execute the directives of the membership.

Sec.3. Enforce the by-laws and rules of the Association.

Sec.4. Revoke or deny membership for willful violation of the by-laws or
rules of the Association.

Sec.5. Have the authority to establish rules governing, but limited to
the *Commons Areas.

Sec.6. Have the authority to procure a suitable corporate seal which
shall be kept and used by the Secretary.


Sec.1. Officers shall include:

President Treasurer

Vice President Secretary

Sec.2. The President and Vice President shall be elected from and by
the Board of Trustees by a majority vote of the trustees at the first
board meeting following the Annual Meeting. The Trustee-Treasurer and
Trustee-Secretary shall be elected to these posts by the membership.
The officers shall hold office for one year terms, however, they may be
re-elected to these posts any number of times.

Sec.3. The Board of Trustees may also appoint such other officers and
agents as they may deem necessary for the transaction of the
business of the Association. All officers and agents shall have such
authority and perform such duties in the management of the property and
affairs of the Association as may be designated by the Board of

Sec.4. The Board of Trustees may secure the fidelity of any such
officers or agents by bond or otherwise.


Sec.1. The President shall:

a. Be the chief executive officer of the Association and in the recess
of the Board of Trustees shall have the general control and
management of its business and affairs, subject however, to the
right of the trustees to delegate any specific power (except such as
may be by statute exclusively conferred upon the President ) to any
other officer or officers of the Association.

b. Have the authority to bind the Association for an amount up to $1000.

c. Preside at all meetings of the trustees.

Sec.2. If the office of President becomes vacant for any reason, or in
case if the absence of the President or his/her inability to discharge
the duties of the office, such duties shall, for the time being, fall
upon the Vice President who shall do and perform such acts as the Board
of Trustees may authorize him/her to do.

Sec.3. The Treasurer shall:

a. Keep account of all funds of the Association.

b. Render such accounts and present such statements to the board and the
President as may be required.

c. Deposit all Association funds in bank accounts in the name of the
Association. Keep bank accounts and books and provide access to same
for any trustee upon his/her request.

d. Perform other such duties as may be delegated by the Board.

e. Pay out money as the business may require upon the order of the
officers of the Association. The Board of Trustees shall have the power
by resolution to delegate any of the duties of the Treasurer to other
officers and require that all checks, vouchers, and other paperwork
regarding Association business be counter-signed by another trustee.

f. A formal audit of the books and records of the Association may be
requested by any member at the member’s expense.

Sec.4. The Secretary shall:

a. Keep minutes of all meetings of the members and the Association.

b. Attend to the giving and receiving of all notices of the Association.

c. Sign, with the President or Vice President, in the name of the
Association, contracts authorized by the Board of Trustees and when
necessary shall affix the corporate seal thereto.

d. Perform other such duties as may be delegated by the Board.

Sec.5. No officer may bind the Association for an amount in excess of
$1000, without the approval of the Board of Trustees.


Sec.1. Standing committees shall be appointed by the President as

a. Membership

b. Municipal North

c. Municipal South

d. Nominating/Elections

e. Maintenance

Sec.2. Any other committees may be designated by the Board of Trustees
such as Water Quality, Weeds, Fish, Safety, Social, etc.

Sec.3. Committee chairs (except the nominating committee) shall be
appointed by the President. The committee chairs will be responsible to
the Board of Trustees and attend trustees’ meetings whenever requested.

Sec.4. Committee chairs may appoint Association members in good standing
to their committees.

Sec.5. Standing committee duties:

a. The membership committee will encourage participation of all persons
eligible for membership and maintain a list of same.

b. The municipal committees shall assist the board in the planning of
civic improvements and dealing with federal, state, and local
government agencies. This committee shall review and recommend the
approval or disapproval of residential building plans submitted by
landowners to the Board of Trustees.

c. The nominating committee shall consist of three members appointed by
a majority of the Board of Trustees. The appointment shall be made at
least two months prior to the Annual Meeting. This committee shall
nominate qualified Association members for the election of trustees at
the Annual Meeting. Nominations of members in good standing may also
be made from the floor.

d. The maintenance committee shall oversee the maintenance of the
“Commons Areas” of the Association.

Sec.6. The Board may appoint any special committees it deems necessary.


Sec.1. The Annual membership dues shall be based on the
Association budget which shall be prepared by the Board of
Trustees and Presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting. The
budget shall include estimated: income, administrative expenses, and
proposed special project costs. A copy of the proposed budget shall
be mailed to each member at least ten (10) days prior to the Annual

Sec.2. Administrative expenses shall be automatically included in the
dues calculation, however, only the costs for the special projects
approved by a majority vote of the members at the Annual Meeting
voting in person or by proxy shall be included in the dues calculation.

Sec.3. The annual membership dues shall be determined as follows:
Administrative expenses plus special project costs (see Sec. 2. above)
less *unallocated cash on hand and maintenance fees that have been
collected divided by the number of active members at the time of the
Annual Meeting.

Sec.4. Annual membership dues and maintenance fees are payable at a date
established by the Board of Trustees.

Sec.5. Maintenance fees shall be collected and accounted for separately
and shall not be used for Commons Areas expenses.


The Association shall be precluded from becoming indebted without
the approval of a majority of the membership.


The Board of Trustees shall, as soon as practical, encourage the
proprietors of the plats, that are included within the boundaries
described on Exhibit A, to assign their obligations and duties in
connection with the administration and enforcement of the
recorded deed restrictions.


Plans shall be submitted by the builder or property owners for approval
to the Municipal Committee prior to breaking ground. They shall include
the building plans, the septic permit and a site plan.


These by-laws may be altered, amended, added to or repealed by a
majority vote of the membership voting in person or by absentee ballot
providing those voting constitute at least twenty-five (25) per cent
of the membership. A copy of the proposed amendment (s) must be
sent to each Association member at least twenty (20) days prior to
the meeting at which the vote will be taken.


Member: Landowner whose dues have been paid for the current year.

Landowner: The owners of record of property within the boundaries on
Exhibit A. Any number of joint owners will be considered a single land

Commons Areas: Areas owned or under the direct control of the

Unallocated Cash: Funds not committed to specific budgetary items.

Revised and Approved by the General Membership 6/1995