Minutes of Lake Lapeer Association

Lake Lapeer Association Annual Membership Meeting

August 22, 2017

The meeting took place at the Elba Township Hall and was called to order at 7:02 by Greg Estelle.  Members present: Judy Coy, Sue Palte, Greg Hedrick, Jim Fenton, Mike Smith, Kelly Bales, Wes Worthing and Greg Kiester.

President’s Comment: Greg Estelle.

There has been nothing notable this summer except public use of the lake through an access point on a vacant lot.  We think this problem will be resolved soon.

Secretary’s Report

Jim Fenton read the minutes from the last year’s annual meeting held on August 23, 2016.  The minutes were approved by motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Judy Coy

The report for 7/1/17 – 7/31/17 was distributed. We have received dues of $11,253 including maintenance of $2,405.  Total expenses were $6,774. The fireworks fund accumulated $19,041, including carry over from last year; expenses were $13,189, leaving a carryover of $5,852.  As of July 31, total fund balance is $44,577.  Judy answered questions relating to miscellaneous expense, maintenance income, membership, and fireworks fund. The report was approved by motion.

Lake Lapeer Lake Board Report

An informational meeting was held by the Lake Board at 5:30 today. A handout covering Aquatic Plant Management Goals was provided.  Greg Estelle commented that the lake looks good, the lake management program this year is the same as last year.  The Lake Board is looking for two new representatives from Lake Lapeer property owners.  Call Rick Warren (586) 872 8441, or Mike Boskee, Elba Township Supervisor.

Elba Township Fire Department, George Scrimger

The fire department received a grant from the American Red Cross to provide up to three smoke detectors for a residence.  The detectors include batteries with a ten year life.  This covers Elba Township residents only.  If interested, call Fire Chief Mike Burke at (810) 614-9917.  The detectors will not tie into an automatic central reporting system.

Membership Vote for 2017

Candidates were introduced. Greg Estelle asked if anyone else was interested in running for a position.

Voting results:

Fireworks: Saturday, June 30.

Fish:  Yes

Secretary:   Jim Fenton

Treasurer:  Judy Coy

Trustees:  Sue Palte, Garrett Hoffman

Dues are estimated at $52 on lake and $26 off lake.


President Greg Estelle:  We are obtaining a new lock for the boat launch; 20 keys will be ordered. Trees next to boat launch have been pruned. There was no goose roundup as there were an insufficient number of geese.  If you see people fishing at the Dam, call the sheriff.  We asked Elba Township for six “No Parking” signs to be placed on Mitchell Road; four near the dam and two near the boat launch.  A big thanks to Greg Hedrick, who will be leaving the Association Board.  Greg did ongoing maintenance task including boards in/out of dam, buoys for fireworks, statue of liberty placement.

Fish, Greg Hedrick:  No fish were planted in 2015 as the supplier was out of fish.  In 2016, $6,000 of fish were planted, including 900 walleyes and 800 small mouth bass.  We did not plant pike as they cost $18 to $20 each.  Fishing is good, especially for crappie.  We plan to plant $3,000 worth of fish this year.  There was a question about providing stickers to denote a resident boat.  This has been tried in the past and could not be enforced.

Membership/Municipal North, Kelly Bales:  We have a supply of welcome packages; let Kelly know if there are new residents.

Water Quality and Municipal South, Wes Worthing:   Testing was done at seven locations on July 20.  The samples were immediately taken to the State Laboratory in Lansing for analysis for e coli.  Note that fecal coliform was not analyzed as it is not a test used for lake water.  The Lapeer County Health Department, via phone conversation, is not interested in the test results. However, the test results are automatically sent by the laboratory to the DEQ.  E coli tests results can range from 10 to 10,000 parts per million; results over 300 are a cause for concern.  All areas of the lake tested below 10.   In the past, testing was done in the middle of summer when the lake is filled, stable, and warm.  Wes proposed that we test twice a year in the future, once in late spring, and once in late summer.  The additional cost would be about $130.  By voice vote, the proposal passed.

There are several homes for sale on the south side of the lake.

Maintenance, Greg Hedrick: The boat launch is not repaired because there was too much rain and the lake level was too high, when the repair was scheduled.  Note that the west side of the ramp needs repair due to prevailing winds.  Be sure to launch boat in middle of ramp or toward the east side.  Mike Cox said that he could provide the name of a contractor who could fix the ramp.  Greg also fixed the lake level boards in the dam.

Fireworks, Mike Smith:

We were pleased that the fireworks were safe and a good show was performed as planned.  We spent more funds this year; thanks for your donations.

Website, Sue Palte:  Some old, out of date items have been eliminated.  There is a link to the State of Michigan Boater Handbook and you are encouraged to read it. Note that everyone born in 1978 or later must have a boater safety certificate to legally operate a personal watercraft.  If you want pictures posted to the official Lake Lapeer Facebook page, please text them to Sue’s phone.  “Boosting” of Facebook posts has been stopped as the circulation was too large, allowing the non lake public to view lake activities.

Public Questions and Comments:

Comment: There were no road signs posted to announce tonight’s meeting.

Answer:  Greg Estelle stated that everyone received a post card.  The signs were not placed because certain board members were out of town.

Dredging Update, Bret Konkel:  To clarify information provided in last year’s annual meeting minutes – the projected annual assessment is $250, which is $230 (stated last year) plus a cushion of $20.  When sufficient petition signatures are obtained, the petitions will be turned over to Elba and Hadley Townships and then turned over to the township attorneys for inspection and approval.  Once approved the Lake Board can take further action.   Of the on lake homeowners contacted, the petition was signed by 86% and 88% in Hadley and Elba Townships, respectively.  For off lake homeowners contacted, the petitions were signed by 89% and 92% for Hadley and Elba respectively.  The goal is to obtain signatures of at least 70% of all homeowners.

The Lake Lapeer Association owns two parcels – the boat launch and the dam site – for which the association can take a position on the dredging process. The association pays taxes on the parcels and would pay the dredging assessment.  Does the association wish to sign the petition?  Greg Estelle stated that our insurance company has advised the association to stay neutral.   After additional discussion, there was a motion that:  The Lake Lapeer Association is officially neutral on the dredging petition, and therefore, the two Lake Lapeer Association Parcels should be removed from the calculation of the total number of properties used to calculate the petition approval percentage.  The motion was seconded and it passed by voice vote.

Comment:  A homeowner near the Hadley Creek is doing major work on the seawall and shore area and there is no silt fence in place.  A silt fence and a DEQ permit is required for this type of work.

Comment:  Road silt is draining into the boat launch area.

Answer:  Greg Estelle stated that the County Road Commission is not concerned about road silt; Elba Township should be contacted.

There were no additional public comments.

At 8:42, there was a motion, and a second to the motion, to adjourn.

Submitted by Jim Fenton, Secretary.




Lake Lapeer Association

2017 Spring Meeting

May 16, 2017, Elba Township Hall

The meeting agenda was mailed out to all members prior to the meeting and consisted of:

  • Dredging Lake Lapeer / Questions and Answers
  • Neighborhood Watch / Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna
  • Non-resident Lake Access / Fishing and Boating

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Greg Estelle. Board of Trustees present: Jim Fenton, Wes Worthing, Judy Coy, Kelly Bales and Sue Palte, Mike Smith and Greg Hedrick. Absent: Greg Kiester. There were additionally about 80 lake residents present.

Greg Estelle – the first topic is Neighborhood Watch. Previously, there was an email system that reported crime activity and suspicious behavior alerts; the system was shut down after it was corrupted by outside influence. Greg then introduced Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna.

Sheriff McKenna stated that the department is upgrading technology; a new phone “Sheriff App” will be rolled out in the future, but all other systems must be updated. The app, downloaded on your mobile phone, or computer, will inform residents of recent crime, including addresses of affected property. It will also provide real time crime alerts, information about sex offenders, and crime mapping.

Sheriff McKenna stated that residents always want to discuss illegal drugs, but he believes that Lapeer County is not overrun by drugs.

Regarding crime prevention, Sheriff McKenna stated that it is advisable to know you neighbor, and report suspicious activity. Notify your neighbors if you are going to be away from home for a period of time, and try to make your house appear as if someone living there at all times (get snow shoveled, pick up newspapers and mail).

Regarding Block Clubs, or Neighborhood Watch, Sheriff McKenna stated that a committee should be formed; the big decision is how much effort do the residents want to make? A deputy can attend meetings. If a neighborhood patrol is created, remember, never intervene in a crime situation. Call the sheriff.

Sheriff McKenna’s responses to questions:

  • There is a Lapeer County Marine Patrol. The department is aware that lake residents have positive and negative opinions about the presence of the Marine Patrol. The department personnel know that lake residents want to relax on the lake. There are about 10 part time Marine Patrol deputies.
  • The Sheriff’s department has a dive team.
  • The Sheriff’s department has about 100 total personnel, including 50 deputies on road patrol.
  • If there are people fishing on the dam site (no trespassing is allowed) then report them through the nonemergency number: (810) 667-0292.

Greg Estelle asked for comments from the residents. Comments included: get to know your neighbor; create an online message board; post signs that state “neighborhood watch.”

7:37 p.m., Greg Estelle introduced James Scherer, Assistant Manager, PLM Lake Management Corp. Mr. Scherer stated that weed treatment for curly pond weed will start next week. Lilly pad weed treatment will be in late June, for residents who paid $150 for their property. Note that DEQ regulations allow Lilly pad treatment for limited situations (not aesthetic). If you have paid, and do not qualify, then your payment will be refunded. If you desire treatment, and are not sure that your property qualifies, take a picture and send it to JamesS@plmcorp.net. The fee of $150 covers two treatments.

7:43 p.m. A resident made an appeal for volunteer drivers for the American Cancer Society. Volunteers will transport Lapeer County cancer patients, who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, to the treatment center in Lapeer. A vehicle is provided. Please call 248 663 3430 if you interested.

7:47 Brett Konkel, status of the Lake Dredging Project.   Petition signatures obtained at the August, 2016 meeting are not valid because the petitions must show the proposal on each signature page. New petitions are being created and formatted. There was discussion about how to proceed; a summary follows:

  1. Request three potential dates to use the Elba Township for a half or full day to accept signatures on the dredging petitions. At the same time, obtain volunteers who will be part of a working dredging project team that will meet regularly to push the project to completion.
  2. Note: Who will request the dates from the township?
  3. Communicate the three potential dates via email, mailing, website, Facebook, etc. Ask for member input.
  4. Select a date.
  5. Finalize the new petition format and print 20 copies for the day of the event.
  6. Communicate the chosen date and time via the avenues listed above

Following the signing event at the township hall, Bret will establish a meeting time and place, for volunteers to meet to establish a process to present petitions to residents who have not yet signed (or refused to sign) the petitions. At this meeting a portion of lake residents can be assigned to each volunteer, and the message will be clarified for consistency. Main point: we want all people (whether they sign or decline) to make an informed decision.

A resident asked if buoys could be placed near the entrance of Hadley creek (southwest section of lake near big island.

8:14 Greg Estelle – Over the winter, a property owner allowed mass access to the (ice covered) lake for fishing. The fisherman who accessed the lake described themselves as “friend of a friend” of the owner of the property. Lake residents pay to stock the lake with fish, and we believe that access by numerous outsiders can deplete the lake. Please don’t allow access to the lake to unknown people!

Questions from Members Present:

Question: Can we have “no wake” signs?

Greg Estelle stated that we really don’t have no wake zones. We have the 100 feet from shore rule. (Maintain no wake speed within 100 feet of docks, rafts, swimmers, anglers, and anchored or drifting vessels.)

Question: How many boats can be moored at access lot on Woodland Drive?

Greg Estelle stated that four boats are allowed. Property owners who use the access lot settle the usage process among themselves.

The meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.


Submitted by Jim Fenton, LLA Secretary.