Minutes of Lake Lapeer Association

Lake Lapeer Association Annual Membership Meeting August 16, 2022 

The meeting took place at the Elba Township Hall and was called to order at 7:10 pm by Vice President, Greg Kiester. All present stood and recited the Pledge Allegiance to the flag. Members present: Greg Kiester, Kelly Bales, Jim Bitzer, Dave West, Sue Palte, Wayne Bartle and Jennifer Hertel. Excused; Wes Worthing and Barb Murawski

Greg Kiester gave an overview of president Wes Worthing health status.

Secretary’s Report: the minutes from August 20, 2021 were reviewed. Minutes were accepted and approved by motion.

Treasurer’s Report: Considerable discussion incurred by members of the audience not having the same copy of the financial report as the board members. Dave West stated that the association members should be provided the same financial reports as the board members have. Jim Bitzer made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, supported by Dave West, motion accepted and approved .

Committee Reports 

Greg Kiester: Fish Reported on the fish stocking issues of the fall season of 2021. Two major fish hatcheries were being closed. Greg anticipates doing business this fall with Stoney Creek Hatcheries in Grant, MI. Greg, also explained the fish budget carry

over of $4000 from 2021 and the additional $4000 from the 2022 budget. He plans to purchase Walleye and Red Sunfish this fall.

Jim Bitzer: Water Quality / Safety The two water quality tests were done, one in the spring and one in August. The water quality for our lake is good and was tested in 11 different parts of the lake. The August test results are not back yet, Boater safety classes were held in May and June by the sheriff’s department.

Sue Palte: Facebook / Website Reported on the status of the website and activity. Also, paid association members should be receiving the Riparian magazine four times a year.

Wayne Bartle: Fireworks: Reported that we had the same firework display as in 2021 and it went smoothly. He has secured a 3 year contract with Wolverine displays. Donations were down $3000

Jennifer Hertel: Maintenance Report: Tentatively the dam boards will be removed on October 15, 2019 per the Lapeer Drain Commission.

Dave West: Welcome Committee Reported that not a lot of property owner turnover. Dave requested communications from the community if someone observes a change of residence to let him know.

Greg Kiester gave an overview of the two trustee openings and introduced each of the candidates. Each candidate spoke. A short break was called for voting and ballot counting.

Voting Results: 

Fireworks: Saturday, July 1, 2023 Fish: Yes 

Secretary: Barbara Murawski Treasurer: Kelly Bales Trustees: (3 year term) Greg Keister and Dale Chesney 

Dues: On the Lake $100.00 Off the Lake $50.00 

Lake Improvement Board / Jason Lebar: Jason gave an update on the dredging project and the collection of payments for the project. The construction of the holding cell is 250 feet long. Intake and discharge liners are in place at the Waterland Dr. Residence. Turbidity curtain will encircle the dredging rig. Approximate completion of the dredging project sometime Mid-October.

Neighbor Watch / Deb Gerard: A successful poker run was held on July 30, 2022. Other events planned include a Scavenger Hunt on August 27, 2022. Also, a Chili Cook off will be held at the old Hadley Township hall on October 1st. 2022. Halloween Neighborhood groups will pass out treats on Halloween .

Public Discussions Topics: 

  • Linda Bolte expressed her concern about the large barn 30 x 30 that now is obstructing her view. Dave West and Wayne Bartel will get the deed restrictions to the Lapeer County Construction Code Admin.
  • Much discussion incurred concate income, dues:  $20,025 and maintenance $2,560. The fireworks income $17,805, Expense $17,875.20. As of July 31, total fund balance $70,335.23.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Jim Bitzer, Board Trustee