Minutes of Lake Lapeer Association

Lake Lapeer Association Annual Membership Meeting

Minutes …. August 17, 2021        Approved…..August 22, 2022

The meeting took place at the Elba Township Hall and was called to order at 7:10 pm by Wes Worthing. Wes welcomed everyone for attending the meeting and all present stood and recited the Pledge Allegiance to the flag.  Members present: Wes Worthing, Kelly Bales, Greg Kiester, Tim Tunison, Sue Palte, Wayne Bartle, Chris Cain, Jennifer Hertel and Barb Murawski.

Introduction of board members and their reports:

 Secretary’s Report: The minutes from the July 20, 2021 association were sent out via email to all board members. Minutes were accepted and approved by motion. The minutes will be posted on our Lake Association Facebook page.

Treasurer’s Report: Kelly gave a verbal report of the Year to date income, dues:  $20,025 and maintenance $2,560. The fireworks income $17,805, Expense $17,875.20. As of July 31, total fund balance $70,335.23.

Sue PalteWebsite: Worked diligently on the article that appeared in the Riparian magazine. It was a wonderful feature that was well received. Anyone who did not receive one should contact Sue. We have extra copies for sale.

Tim Tunison: Water Quality / Safety: Explained that we do (2) water quality tests a year. Testing took place in 11 different locations. We experienced higher e-coli counts in 2 different areas, (1) near the boat launch and (1) near the mouth of the Hadley inlet. All other counts on the lake were generally less. The counts were higher than we wanted. But, safe to still swim. Good water movement helps keep bacteria from developing. Tim will train the board member who will replace him.

Boater safety classes were held (2) different times this year. We plan to continue to host them. We have a good relationship with the sheriff’s office. The sheriff was on the lake on July 3 and we had no issues. Tim is not running for another term on the board. Thank you for your time and dedication to our lake community.  A job well done!

 Jennifer Hertel : Maintenance Report / Facebook: Dam boards will be removed on Oct. 15. The dates for the boards are detected by the Lapeer County Drain Commission.

Facebook: Starting on Sept. 1st, the lake association facebook page will be only for paid association members.

 Greg Kiester:  Fish Walleye and perch will be purchased this fall. Our budget this year is $4000. He also explained that the Gizzard Shads spawn each year in July through August. This is why fishing is tough during those months. He will be putting out another buoy in the boat launch area per DNR request.

Wayne Bartle:  Fireworks:  The fireworks display was held on July 3rd. and was the biggest show we have ever held or will be able to hold. Reason being is the size of the mortars that can be used, due to square footage of the shooting site and the location of existing buildings. We have no more room to have anymore. So this is the type of show we can expect in the future, depending on of course, donations taken in each year. The date for next year will be voted on tonight. The fireworks show was well received by all. Great job everyone!

Chris Cain: Welcome Committee: We have several new property owners . He asked if you know of someone that  is new to the lake please let him know and he will get them a Welcome pack out.

Open Question and Answers:

  • Question was asked how many paid association members we have. The exact number was not available but Kelly feels about 75% of the lake are members. The exact number will be posted on facebook.
  • Question was asked about Galway Bay access. It was explained there is a deeded access for Galway Bay. However, it is not the lake association’s responsibility to monitor the access.

Introduction of Candidates: 

Dredging Update: Brett Konkel 

Neighbor Watch Update: Deb Gerard 

Voting Results:   

Fireworks: Saturday, July 2, 2022 

Fish: Yes

Secretary: Barbara Murawski                      Treasurer:  Kelly Bales

Trustees: Wayne Bartle and Jim Bitzer  (3) year terms

                 Dave West (2) year term

Dues:  On the Lake $100.00                Off the Lake $50.00

 New Board members were Congratulated

Meeting Adjourned @ 9:13 pm.

Respectfully Submitted Barb Murawski — LLA Secretary