Minutes of Lake Lapeer Association

Lake Lapeer Association Annual Membership Meeting

August 21, 2018

The meeting took place at the Elba Township Hall and was called to order at 7:02 by Greg Estelle.  Trustees present: Judy Coy, Sue Palte, Jim Fenton, Mike Smith, Kelly Bales, Wes Worthing, Garrett Hoffman and Greg Kiester.

Trustees introduced themselves.

Secretary’s Report

Jim Fenton read the minutes from the last year’s annual meeting held on August 22, 2017.  One minor correction was needed. The minutes, as corrected, were approved by motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Judy Coy 

The report for 7/1/18 – 7/31/18, and year to date, was distributed. Year to date, there is dues income of $11,388 and maintenance fee income of $2,710.  Total expenses were $6,774. The fireworks fund accumulated $18,137, including carry over from last year; expenses were $10,579, leaving a carryover of $7,558.  As of July 31, total fund balance is $49,939.  A detailed list of expenses is available.  The report was approved by motion.

Lake Lapeer Lake Board Report, Andy Tasca

The Lake Board held a meeting at 5:30 today. James Scherer, Assistant Manager, PLM Lake and Land Management, covered Aquatic Plant Management Goals, and a handout was provided.  Major goals are to control exotic invasive species, and also limited control of nuisance native species that inhibit recreational uses of the lake.  Responses to questions: Boats do not affect the chemicals used to treat the lake; lily pads are not treated, the homeowner can pull them out; zebra mussels are gone, most likely, because they ate all of the nutrients, but they will return.

Sheriff McKenna – Commented that the Sheriff’s office is primarily concerned about safety; residents should call the Sheriff’s Office if they have concerns or problems.

2018 Vote

Candidates were introduced. Greg Estelle asked if anyone else was interested in running for a position.

Voting results:

Fireworks: Saturday, June 29

Fish:  Yes

Secretary:   Barbara Murawski

Treasurer:  Kelly Bales

Trustees:  Tim Tunison, Wayne Bartel

Dues are estimated at $54 on lake and $27 off lake.


Fish, Greg Kiester:  No fish were planted in 2017 as the supplier was out of fish.  Fishing is good, especially for crappie.  We plan to plant walleye and perch this year. Note that gizzard shad, which are in our lake, are feed for the sport fish.  “No fishing” signs were placed by the dam, but they were stolen.

Water Quality and Municipal South, Wes Worthing:   Testing was done at seven locations in May, after the lake filled up, and then again this month.  Test results, in parts per million, can be as low as “below 10” and results above 300 are cause for concern.  The May test revealed all areas of the lake had were 10 or below, except the East and West Bays of the Ski Course, which tested above the minimum, but below the level of concern.  All areas of the lake were below 10 in the recent test.

Maintenance, Garrett Hoffman: The boat launch will be repaired this fall, if the weather cooperates.  We need air temperature above 50 degrees to make the repairs, which should fix the hole in the left (West) side of the launch

Fireworks, Mike Smith:

We were pleased that the fireworks were safe and a good show was performed as planned.  We spent about $10,000 this year; thanks for your donations.  As there are leftover funds, we will spend more next year.

Website, Sue Palte:  The website, https://www.lakelapeer.net is being updated. There is also the LakeLapeer Association Facebook site, which has about 200 followers.   The welcome packet is also being updated.

Old Business:

Greg Estelle:  Mike Curry, Clean Cut Lawn Maintenance, will pick up your yard waste.

Lake Lapeer Watch, Deb Gerrard – We are working on a watch system, and the Sheriff’s Department is assisting.  There are two signs up, on both ends of Mitchell Road, and we expect to need five or six more signs. Signs cost $80 plus $15 for the posts.  A motion was made, that the Lake Lapeer Association pay for up to six additional signs.  The motion passed by voice vote.

Public Questions and Comments: 

There was a suggestion that a history of Lake Lapeer should be created. Bret Konkel is trying to obtain 8 millimeter film of the lake creation, which will be converted digital, and then distributed.

Discussion about abnormal geese deaths, over that winter; conclusions that nothing unusual was noted.

A dredging update:  An attorney will be hired and the process is continuing.

Boards will start being removed on October 15.

At 8:42, there was a motion, and a second to the motion, to adjourn.

Submitted by Jim Fenton, Secretary.


Lake Lapeer Association Spring Membership Meeting

May 21, 2019

The meeting took place at the Elba Township Hall and was called to order at 7:00 pm by Wes Worthing.  Board members present:  Wes Worthing, Sue Palte, Greg Kiester, Tim Tunison, Jennifer Hertel, Wayne Bartle, and Mike Smith.  Absent: Barb Murawski, Kelly Bales.


Lake Board:  Andy Taska reported that PLM will be treating the weeds again this year.  The lake has been surveyed twice.  Andy reported that the lake is in good condition.  Factors that affect weeds are sunlight, ice, and weeds from last year.  Starry Stonewort by the boat launch is under control.  The first weed treatment has not been completed yet.  Brent Konkel reported that the dredging project is proceeding.  The Lake Board has selected an attorney.  They will be meeting and discussing the stages of the dredging project.

Fish:  Greg Kiester reported that the lake was stocked with 1250 5-7 inch perch and 6-8 inch walleye in fall 2018.  Only 20% of the fish are expected to survive.  There is $3000 in the fish budget for 2019.  Non-residents who have been fishing on Lake Lapeer have been towed.  New boating and fishing rules from the state include:

  • Drain your water before you leave a lake.
  • Clean your boat thoroughly.
  • Do not release bait fish.
  • Release fish in original waters only.

Maintenance:  Jennifer Hertel reported that the boat launch has been repaired.  A new flag has been purchased for Liberty Island.  Boards were put into the Lake Lapeer Dam starting April 21.  Wayne Bartle reported that the repairs at the boat launch have greatly improved the ease of launching.  He also said that new lighting has been added to the islands.  Greg Piontowski asked about when high water signs are put out.  If the water goes over the spillway, then the signs are put out.  Members should educate people about boater laws and courtesy since we have a self-governing lake association.  Suggestion that Facebook and phone alerts be used to notify residents.

Fireworks:  Mike Smith reported that the LLA Fireworks will be held on Saturday, June 29.  Donations for the fireworks are down by $3000.  Elba Township generally donates to the fireworks fund.

Facebook and LLA Website:  Sue Palte reported that the Facebook posts and LLA website are updated frequently.  The Facebook Page is Lake Lapeer Association.  The website is www.lakelapeer.net.  There is a new gmail email so residents can ask questions through either.

Water Quality:  Tim Tunison reported that the Boater Safety Class sponsored by the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department and Lake Lapeer Association will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019, at Elba Township Hall.  LLA will be paying the cost of the registration fees.  Tim also reported that he collected seven different samples of lake water on May 7 and took the samples to Lansing to be tested for E Coli.  The state requires that the samples have to be in Lansing within six hours of collection.  Lake Lapeer tested 10 or less ppm in six areas and 20 ppm at the east end of the water ski run.  Lakes with 300 ppm of E Coli need to close to swimmers.

Discussion Topics:

Wes Worthing reported that he is working on getting the tent on Lake Lapeer Drive removed.  He has also involved the DEQ to get the propulsion unit on Woodland Drive removed.  Mitchell Road will be graded in two weeks.

Neighborhood Watch:  Deb Gerard reported that signs indicating a neighborhood watch have been placed around the lake.  The purpose of the Neighborhood
Watch is to create a safe, friendly atmosphere around the lake.  The area has been divided into eight regions.  Volunteers are collecting names and phone numbers for alerts.  Social events are being planned.  The first one is the decorating of homes and boats June 28 – 30, 2019.  A phone alert system is being considered also.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Submitted by Suzanne Palte, LLA Board Member