Lake Lapeer Neighborhood Watch

The Lake Lapeer Neighborhood Watch was established in 2018 with the support of the Lake Lapeer Association and in cooperation with the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department.  In 2022, the Neighborhood Watch officially became part of the Lake Lapeer Association.  The mission of the Neighborhood Watch is to bring Lake Lapeer neighbors together to maintain a safe, friendly, active, and better-connected community for the purpose of being the best possible residential area.

To promote safety, road signs are posted around the lake reminding everyone to be alert to any unusual or suspicious activity.  Any such activity should be reported promptly by calling “9-1-1”.  If you see something, say something.

To encourage a friendly, active and better-connected community, the Neighborhood Watch sponsors annual lake-wide activities so that all Lake Lapeer residents can get better acquainted and enjoy the company of other residents.  Similarly, to help residents of various neighborhoods around the lake get better acquainted, the Neighborhood Watch promotes neighborhood-specific activities such as block parties, potlucks, and trick-or-treating.  See the following calendar of 2023 activities.  Finally, to further promote a better-connected community, the Neighborhood Watch maintains a directory of Lake Lapeer residents.  This directory is available in electronic and hard-copy formats. 

Everyone living on or adjacent to Lake Lapeer is invited to participate in the Neighborhood Watch.  By working together, we will be able to maintain a safe, friendly, active, and better-connected lake community making Lake Lapeer one of the best residential areas in Michigan.

2023 Lake Lapeer Activities

January TBD–Local Restaurant Meet and Greet

February TBD–Winterfest, date subject to ice conditions

May 16–Perennial Flower Exchange before LL Association Spring Meeting

May 29–Memorial Day “Lunch in the Bay” prior to the Flag Ceremony around Liberty Island

June 9-11–Neighborhood Block Parties

June 30–Boat Parade

July 1–Association Fireworks

July 22–Lakeview Poker Run

August 19–Scavenger Hunt

September 30–Chili Cook-Off

October 31–Neighborhood Halloween: driveway or “trunk-or-treats”

June-September: Euchre in Turtle Bay on the first and third Wednesdays of each month

Anyone with questions or needing additional information should send an email to

Lake Lapeer Neighborhood Crime Prevention

Regarding crime prevention, it is advisable to know you neighbor, and report suspicious activity. Notify your neighbors if you are going to be away from home for a period of time, and try to make your house appear as if someone living there at all times (get snow shoveled, pick up newspapers and mail).

robbers_behind_bush.jpgPlease take note of the following:
home_robber.jpgSuspicious Persons:

Age, Height, Weight, Hair color/Hair style, Face complexion including
facial hair, Tattoos, Scars

Clothing description such as jacket/shirt/foot wear/gloves

Weapon description such as gun/knife

Location last scene and what was the activity

Direction of travel and mode of transportation

car_2.jpg Suspicious Vehicle:armed_car.jpg

License plate number/State

Make/model/body style (i.e. 2 door, van)


Wheel/Hubcap style


Bumper stickers/decals


Headlights working