Lake Lapeer Neighborhood Watch


Sheriff Scott McKenna, Lapeer County Sheriff Department, spoke at the  Lake Lapeer Association Spring Membership Meeting on May 16, 2017.  Sheriff McKenna stated that the department is upgrading technology; a new phone “Sheriff App” will be rolled out in the future, but all other systems must be updated. The app, downloaded on your mobile phone, or computer, will inform residents of recent crime, including addresses of affected property. It will also provide real time crime alerts, information about sex offenders, and crime mapping.

Sheriff McKenna stated that residents always want to discuss illegal drugs, but he believes that Lapeer County is not overrun by drugs.

Regarding crime prevention, Sheriff McKenna stated that it is advisable to know you neighbor, and report suspicious activity. Notify your neighbors if you are going to be away from home for a period of time, and try to make your house appear as if someone living there at all times (get snow shoveled, pick up newspapers and mail).

Regarding Block Clubs, or Neighborhood Watch, Sheriff McKenna stated that a committee should be formed; the big decision is how much effort do the residents want to make? A deputy can attend meetings.  If a neighborhood patrol is created, remember, never intervene in a crime situation. Call the sheriff.

Sheriff McKenna’s responses to questions:

  • There is a Lapeer County Marine Patrol. The department is aware that lake residents have positive and negative opinions about the presence of the Marine Patrol. The department personnel know that lake residents want to relax on the lake. There are about 10 part time Marine Patrol deputies.
  • The Sheriff’s department has a dive team.
  • The Sheriff’s department has about 100 total personnel, including 50 deputies on road patrol.
  • If there are people fishing on the dam site (no trespassing is allowed) then report them through the nonemergency number: (810) 667-0292.

Greg Estelle asked for comments from the residents. Comments included: get to know your neighbor; create an online message board; post signs that state “neighborhood watch.”


robbers_behind_bush.jpgPlease take note of the following:
home_robber.jpgSuspicious Persons:

Age, Height, Weight, Hair color/Hair style, Face complexion including
facial hair, Tattoos, Scars

Clothing description such as jacket/shirt/foot wear/gloves

Weapon description such as gun/knife

Location last scene and what was the activity

Direction of travel and mode of transportation

car_2.jpg Suspicious Vehicle:armed_car.jpg

License plate number/State

Make/model/body style (i.e. 2 door, van)


Wheel/Hubcap style


Bumper stickers/decals


Headlights working