Welcome to the Lake Lapeer Association Website

Welcome to the Lake Lapeer Association

Lake Lapeer is a beautiful 365-acre private lake located in Lapeer County, Michigan.  Situated 50 miles north of Detroit, 20 miles east of Flint, and 60 miles west of Ontario, Lake Lapeer is a magnificent setting for 350 homeowners. Year-round activities abound on Lake Lapeer. Boating, water sports and fishing comprise summer highlights while the winter finds residents enjoying ice fishing, skating, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling. Lake Lapeer Association is managed by nine elected trustees.  Trustees volunteer their services which are aimed at advancing the welfare of Association members living around the lake. We hope that this website is informative and answers questions that you may have pertaining to Lake Lapeer living.


Attention Realtors and Title Companies:

During transfer of properties, you need to reach out to the Lake Lapeer Association for any delinquent lienable items that the seller could owe. You need to give LLA two weeks to respond to your request for a status letter.


  • Bylaw Review and Revision

As previously reported on this website, the Board of Trustees is reviewing the LLA Bylaws which haven’t been updated in more than 27 years. Current bylaws reference incorporation of the Association under PA 137 of 1929, Incorporation of Summer Resort Owners. In the process of reviewing the bylaws, it became apparent that PA 137 no longer meets the needs of the Lake Lapeer Association and that, like most lake associations, the Association needs to be incorporated under PA 162 of 1982, Michigan’s Non-profit Corporations Act. Because it was not enacted until 1982, PA 162 was not an option when the Association was incorporated in 1974. Further, the Association always has operated as a non- profit and consistently has followed the requirements of PA 162. Therefore, at the February 21 Board meeting, the Board voted to pursue incorporation under PA 162. This will entail a meeting during which property owners will vote on such incorporation. Prior to and during that meeting, additional information will be shared with the membership.  


  • Hadley Township Planning Commission

The Planning Commission met on November 14, 2022, to discuss a proposed change concerning properties in Hadley Township.  The township is aware of various constraints due to the existing size of many properties located around Lake Lapeer, Big Fish Lake, and Davison Lake.  One of the proposed solutions is to create a new zoning district which allows for these smaller lots with various improvements by right. More meetings will take place with a decision sometime in the spring,  Please check this website or Facebook page for updates.


The LLA Membership dues letters will be mailed March/April, 2023.  If you do not receive your dues letter or membership card, please contact Barb Murawski, (810) 252-1971.

To find more information about the lake, search Facebook for our page, Lake Lapeer Association.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a membership packet, please E-mail me.

Important Dates:

LLA Board Meetings – 3rd Tuesday of the Month
First Board Put in Dam – Friday, April 21, 2023
Special Membership Meeting, Elba Township Hall – Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 7:00 pm
Fourth of July Holiday Fireworks – Saturday, July 1, 2023, at Dusk
Annual Membership Meeting, Elba Township Hall – Tuesday, August 15, 2023, 7:00 pm
First Board Removed from Dam – Sunday, October 15, 2023